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If you know what control systems are about, you know that a control system is only as good as the engineer that designed and installed it.  There are countless contractors that claim to be experts at building automation, but the reality is that the technology level that building automation systems have reached require a little more than the skills of a service mechanic.

The design and installation of building automation systems is where we shine.  HDC Automation has the perfect experience and skills to deliver the best design-build systems you can find. We will design and deliver a system that is just right, every time, from the first time.  From school buildings, to manufacturing plants, to health care facilities; HDC Automation has designed and installed hundreds of custom built systems at a perfect record of customer satisfaction.

Don't be fooled by big names and sales suites.  When it comes to technology, you know that one man with a computer can accomplish greatness that can bring the biggest companies to their knees.  Building automation is a technology industry and we have the perfect combination of mechanical systems expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to provide you with the absolute best tailor-made building automation system you can find – and with our Open Business Model philosophy, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you have the power to control your world.

New Construction
HDC Automation provides value added to the control systems as designed by your architect design team.  Our integrity and philosophy dictates that we always deliver the best systems we can. We partner with Mechanical Engineers on projects and contribute to the control system design in order to achieve optimum performance from the designed mechanical systems.  We take it upon our self to see to it that the final product delivers the design intent even if it means revising applications to meet a new set of sequence-of-operation for the mechanical systems.  We do this by partnering with the design engineers to accomplish target expectations and customer delight.

Support Services
Our support services are also designed and built to fit your needs and provide you with the perfect agreement that gives you peace of mind. The ultimate and constant benefit for our support services is unlimited direct access to your building automation system engineer/technician.  You can rest assured that you can reach answers and gain support any time, in no time.

Talk to us about your needs and we guarantee you the best support services agreement that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Naturally our wealth of knowledge and expertise is at your service whether you are a client of ours or a potential client. Our Open Business Model commits us to provide information to those who seek us. We are confident that you will be impressed with our attitude and Openness.

Our expertise in design-build, new construction, and consulting projects extend to offering peace of mind to clients who want confirmation that their lowest-bidder is going to deliver on their promise to meet design and contract requirements.  HDC Automation has the right methods of measurement and verification to any desired level you may choose.  We will put in place rigorous commissioning procedures and carry them out accurately to provide you with punch list items that only an expert eye can catch.
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