HDC Automation proudly offers Honeywell building control products and systems.

Why Honeywell?

HDC has been in business since 1999 and a Honeywell authorized contractor since 2003.  There are many factors why HDC chose Honeywell over the many other controls manufacturers in the industry.  Here are a few:

Honeywell is the most recognized name in building control products in the world. It is the pioneer and global leader in building control systems innovation and manufacturing dating back to over a hundred years. Honeywell invests

hundreds of millions of Dollars annually in the research and development of new technology and products for the building automation market.

Honeywell goes to market in a unique way that includes the unmatched combination of product, support and vision. Many other known manufacturers provide products and services through independent channels like Honeywell does. However, none of them provide the level of support and commitment that Honeywell provides to its independent distributors and contractors. Honeywell gives the flexibility and freedom to its contractors to provide services in all markets without any market restrictions. Other manufacturers protect their company-owned branches by restricting their independent contractors from providing services in certain markets. Like education, manufacturing or the healthcare vertical markets. In addition, Honeywell contractors are not given exclusivity over any geographical area. Hence, nurturing the competitive spirit among its independent contractors and providing a unique advantage to the most important asset of any business: the customer.

At HDC Automation, we are proud to offer or customers Open systems. By our definition, an Open system is one that can be installed, serviced and supported by multiple local sources. This is a bold statement to make. However, we mean what we promise and we are confident that our customers will be delighted with our performance. In order to deliver on this promise, we have to provide non-exclusive products with readily available tools and support. This includes Open licensing, off-the shelf products and, last but not least, a marketing channel that does not provide exclusive rights based on geographical or regional rights.

Only Honeywell provides the above conditions coupled with the best products and the most innovative platform in the industry.

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