HDC Automation provides state of the art systems in Building Automation by combining our expertise and skills with the products of the most innovative companies in the world. Many companies claim expertise in this field. However, none concern themselves with the details that spell the difference between mediocrity and excellence. We can analyze, design, and build solutions better than, and different than any one else in our market - all with a challenging and unique business philosophy.

Our Philosophy

We believe in an Open Business Model – open to inputs from customers, open to change, and open to providing more information.  We believe in being porous, transparent and not controlling.

Traditionally building automation specialists have followed a proprietary and closed approach in order to lock-in customers to their exclusive services.  Our competitors continue to follow this tactic to this day despite the demands of building owners for open systems.  We believe in our customers’ right to choice, and we strive to protect that freedom because we have the perfect skills, the right technology and the confidence to deliver – Peace of Mind and

Power to Control Your World™

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